Tuesday, 16 October 2007


It has been 7 days since my last post. The reason? Simply nothing I've heard in the last 7 days has excited me enough to get me off my ass, plonk myself in front of the computer and reel off my usual guff about musical bundles worthy of your precious time. It's partly my fault I suppose. A degree of emotional burnout has resulted in a something of a motivational void but enough of the sob story.

Infix is an artist who amuses me somewhat. By rights I shouldn't have much time for the guy. All tracks that the Suffolk based producer has sent me have been remixes of artists who are not exactly favourites of mine, however Infix turns even the most unbearable of tunes into superbly textured, building, beat driven monsters.

MP3: The Maccabees - First Love (Infix Remix) DOWNLOAD
MP3: Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment (Infix Remix) DOWNLOAD

Does anyone else find this Les Rythems Digitales remix to be disappointingly overblown and ultimately messy? Nope? Only me then?

MP3: Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Les Rythem Digitales Remix) DOWNLOAD
BONUS: Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat (Dub Mix) DOWNLOAD


Anonymous said...

email me a few of your favourite artists and i will see what i can do ?

infix x


Anonymous said...

D.A.N.C.E. (in ANY form) was dead before the summer began...

Josh said...

yeah true, i liked the mstrkrft mix but the les rythmes digitales one is about 8 minutes too long, makes me feel physically sick