Thursday, 2 December 2010


Does anyone remember the Vacanti Mouse? No? Allow me to jog your memory. It was the mouse that researchers controversially grew what looked like a human ear on the back of. Now you remember? The reason I bring it up is because it was one of those things that you'd never think possible. The same thought crossed my mind when I first heard Newcastle based trio, Polarsets - a band who have successfully blended the seemingly incompatible sounds of indie-rock and anthemic Euro-trance. Polarsets? More like Polar Opposites.

Single Leave Argentina was released back in April this year. Catch the band's latest release, Morning, over at their Bandcamp page.

MP3: Polarsets - Leave Argentina DOWNLOAD

MP3: Polarsets - Leave Argentina (Thomas Sagstad and Hawkins Remix) DOWNLOAD

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Noah said...

This is similar like the mstrbtrs song that I found it's on my tumblr-