Sunday, 5 December 2010


Grouplove. Do they take their name seriously? Yes. Yes they do. They're sharing a t-shirt for God's sake! That's one step away from a band orgy and an outbreak of the clap.

The band, now based in L.A., are the product serendipity. Band members Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi met via a chance meeting in a New York bar. A strong bond formed between the two and it was from there the friends moved to the Mediterranean island of Crete as part of an art residency. There they met future band members Sean Gadd; a London born guitarist and singer; pro-surfer and musician Andrew Wessen, and his long-time friend and drummer Ryan Rabin. The resultant sound can be heard in single Colours, a track that is equal parts The Pixies and Canadian rockers Born Ruffians - bouncy and eerie in one gulp.

For Grouplove, after featuring at number 10 on NME's mid-year 50 Best New Band's of 2010 round-up, it would appear things are starting to get serious. I would have to agree, these guys are, to use a term, ones to watch. If you're lucky enough to live in Australia or New Zealand (...or both) then you can download the band's debut E.P. through itunes. For the rest of us, I hear we'll have to wait till after Chrimbo.

Grouplove: a group-you-can-love?

MP3: Grouplove - Colours DOWNLOAD

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