Thursday, 14 October 2010


Brother represent something of a growing trend in band self promotion: no Myspace page. I guess it adds to an overall air of mystique, what with the sparsity of information and all. Its just that it makes my job that little bit harder.

Nevertheless, Brother may also represent another trend: the rise of Britpop 2.0.

The 1980's have come and gone, and then come again, so it would seem chronologically sensible for a band to revive lad culture, walk with at swagger, and make rock'n'roll music with a heavy dollop of faux working class attitude. And this appears to be Brother's strategy. Britpop was popular once; it'll damn well be popular again! Given the amount of label interest in the band, it would seem to be a widely held point of view. It worked for Kasabian, didn't it?

With the 90's barely a distant memory, I do wonder: if we continue this pace of regeneration, we'll soon be reviving last years music and calling it retro!

MP3: Brother - Darling Buds of May DOWNLOAD

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