Friday, 8 October 2010

Brooke Fraser

You like Feist, right? Course you do. Now, imagine Feist was a New Zealander, perhaps a little taller, and was partial to the odd Christian music festival love in. If your imagination is lacking, then permit me to introduce Brooke Fraser: Australasia's answer to the Nova Scotian songstress.

Something In The Water is the opening gambit on Fraser's forthcoming album Flags. It is kooky and bouncy, and has ipod/ipad/itunes/i? commercial soundtrack written all over it. Not that she needs the leg up; she's already toured with John Mayer and has had an itunes #1 over in New Zealand.

Fraser will be touring the United States throughout November/December, while album Flags will see a worldwide release later this month. Pre-order? Here.

MP3: Brooke Fraser - Something In The Water DOWNLOAD


Gatsby said...

Man! I just totally fell in love!

Paul said...

I know, I know. She had the same effect on me.