Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wax Stag

I've been meaning to post about Wax Stag for what must be like, two months now, after belatedly finding them via means I can't recall. I guess you all got wind of them from Hot Chip's DJ Kicks compilation. Yeah, well I didn't. Trendy bastards.

Hailing from St. Albans, England, Wax Stag is the solo project DOWNLOAD of one man musical power house, Robert Lee. The music is undoubtedly beautiful, sounding much like it's been lovingly crafted on a Nintendo Gameboy. If Mylo went a bit less dancey and a bit more cutesy, the result would sound something like this:

MP3: Wax Stag - Short Road DOWNLOAD
MP3: Wax Stag - Short Road (Night Facilities Remix)
MP3: Wax Stag - Short Road (Metal On Metal Remix)


Peter said...

Must say I've been loving this blog for a while now.

Unlike you did have the Hot Chip DJ kicks and I did love the Wax Stag track but somehow I'd forgotten to check them out properly until I heard them on the Queens Of Noize show the other night.

Anyway couldn't agree more on this post Wax Stag are fantastic.

Paul said...

Thanks for the comment Peter. Glad you like the blog mate.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, Wax Stag is amazing! That Night Facilities remix is awful though, the melody's all wrong for a start - it's a bootleg, surely? Whatever, you should check out the Bibio Remix of 'Folk Rock' - truly wonderful stuff.

Anonymous said...

wax rule! but you messed up the links: the one by metal on metal is night f, and vice versa! confusing, but still great work

Paul said...

oh, so I have. Thanks for bringing that fact to by attention. Problem solved. :-)