Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cut Copy - Remixed

It seems the remixes of various tracks of of Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours are leaking out all over the place:

This is the one I'd been waiting for, Knightlife's End Edit of So Haunted, which does exactly what it says, expanding on the tracks psychedelic-dance outro that was gagging to be remixed:

MP3: Cut Copy - So Haunted (Knightlifes End Edit) DOWNLOAD

Aeroplane has gone the opposite direction with their remix of Hearts On Fire. I guess there was only one way to go with this track: chill it from an electronic behemoth and take to the land of disco-funk.

MP3: Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Aeroplane Remix) (96kbps) Removed As Per Artist Request

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Too Many Sebastians said...

Not sure about the Aeroplane remix. Bad LCD Soundsystem? But the Knightlife End Edit is superb. I want a seven minute version of that one. ;-)

Dj MyKill said...

The "So Haunted" remix you posted is just a snippet of the Cut Copy "So Cosmic" mix. The first piano part is from the Aphex Twin song "ON" and then transitions to Knightlifes edit.
You can tell it's being mixed on the fade out. I really hope an official version of the Knightlife edit comes out. I know Cut Copy usually perform his version when they play out.

Anonymous said...

thanks for wasting my time with that knightlife end ending..... learn how to loop out properly when u try make your own edit.... shit shit shit

Paul said...

Nothing to do with me mate. It was ripped by the fellas at Superheroes (link provided) to whom I'm ever so grateful for taking the time to get a stand alone version out for people to hear.

Anonymous said...

great tracks, too bad about the sound quality
96kbps should be categorized as a crime against humanity...

Olly said...

oh, for a second there i thought that was the single version of the knightlife remix. argh!

Todd said...

So Haunted link is toast and everything else I can find is just So Cosmic cropped.

Could a kind soul re-up it or email to me at toddiceton@gmail.com?

Thanks.. what a killer track.