Sunday, 9 March 2008

Zuckr DJ's

After checking out AM.FM.PM's superb Zuckr DJ recommendation, I thought it be a good idea to jump on this particular musical bandwagon. I'd heard that breaks were big in Australia right now so it's nice to hear some music backing up such claims, especially in the form of bouncy remixes as such:

MP3: Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar (Zuckr DJ's Scssrs Remix) DOWNLOAD
MP3: The Police - Roxanne (Zuckr DJ's Scssrs Remix) DOWNLOAD
MP3: Ice Cube - You Can Do It (Zuckr DJ's Remix) DOWNLOAD

Couldn't find a picture to suit the post hence the Star Guitar Video. S'all good.


Anonymous said...

Zucker dj is the truth, I dropped roxane in a set last weekend... it slayed

Real Juicy said...

Yea these guys rock, I'm gonna have to throw the You Can Do It on tonight. Roxanne is a killer!