Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cut Copy - So Haunted

In case you didn't know, Cut Copy have 'released' their much anticipated 'difficult second album' on their Myspace page for fans to stream. An innovative way of utilizing today's technology I'm sure, but it was one of those records, of which there are very few, which I was going to buy in its physical format, while relishing the interim period with hungry anticipation.

Of course you've already heard Hearts On Fire (leaked sometime last year) and current single Lights And Music, and if you haven't, then head back to your copy of Mojo magazine as your kind don't belong here. And by here, I mean the internet. But besides these two stellar tracks, the album contains one other stand out gem, So Haunted. A highly strung, guitar clashing intro/verse soon gives way to rich chords wrapped around a deliciously lush vocal hook. And just when you think they're tieing things up, So Haunted swiches effortlessly into rave mode with an outro that's just begging to be remixed. This has single written all over it.

MP3: Cut Copy - So Haunted (Highly Recommended) DOWNLOAD

I understand Cut Copy are touring with these kids. The Twelves remix is piss poor quality. That's in refrence to the bit rate, not the standard of the remix by the way:

MP3: Black Kids - I'm Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix) DOWNLOAD


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Anonymous said...

Knightlife from Cutters Records does a remix of So Haunted. Its not released yet though. It takes it back to its synth roots. One of the better remixes to be coming out this year

Paul said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the tip.

Adem With An E said...

I know that "So Haunted" was a digital single released in November last year... not sure if they're going to give it a proper release overseas or anything.

My money is on "Far Away" being a single; SUCH an electric chorus.

Anonymous said...

the ending of 'so haunted' is great. it feels like it could building up to something unreal, but then doesnt quite make it. the remix will be unreal.

Roland said...

yeah the knightlife mix of the end of the track is def killer.