Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Patrick Wolf - The City

Last month, everyone's favourite sexually ambiguous multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wolf unveiled the second single to be taken from his forthcoming album Lupercalia. The track, entitled The City, was premiered on the Steve Lamaq show and is the follow up to the superbly rousing post break-up soundtrack Time Of Your Life. The City is an equally stellar effort. I think it's the wailing sax solos that do it for me - if not them, then surely the upliftingly spirited vocals, both of which give a distinctly Springsteen-esque flavour to this otherwise bouncy pre pre-summer record. The City will released March 14th on vinyl and download.

Patrick Wolf - The City

MP3: Patrick Wolf - The City (Richard X Remix) DOWNLOAD


Ugly Animals said...

Not sure why it says the track is currently not available. I would like to hear though

Cyber Crime said...

yeah the link is down.

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