Saturday, 6 September 2008

Passion Pit

Passion Pit are makers of great music. Music specifically of the upbeat, quirky pop variety, reminiscent of Hot Chip; less 'cool' but one hundred times more adorable. They caught the attention of New York label Frenchkiss who are set to re-release the band's debut EP, Chunk Of Change, on 16Th September. Incidentally, the band's debut 7" Sleepyhead, is being released by Neon Gold Records which, would you believe, is the project of the guy behind the Good Weather For Airstrikes blog (now deceased). Limited to 500 copies, you can pre-order it HERE.

MP3: Passion Pit - Sleepyhead YSI/Zshare
MP3: Passion Pit - I've Got Your Number YSI/Zshare
MP3: Passion Pit - Better Things YSI/Zshare

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JSHAW said...

awesome band, and great tunes, thanks for the post. I am likin the great analogies and info with the other bands mentioned. YEYE