Monday, 2 July 2007

S'all Happening Here...

Saturday Night. What a poor nights sleep that one was. The reason? A police helicopter hovering over the area, sporadically beaming its light into my bedroom, doing a damn good impression of a UFO. I mean, what the hell? Did they think there was some kind of terrorist cell hiding out in Mossley Hill, a leafy suburb of Liverpool?

Sunday Morning. I wake up to find a suspected terrorist cell was hiding out in Mossley Hill, two streets away from me non the less. Now, as I'm originally from the countryside, I'm simply not used to being at the centre of current news activity. Especially not of this scale, complete with police raid, road blocks and ITN news crew. I've been a nervous wreck. The way I see it, I came to within an inch of my life. In an attempt to quell my nerves, I headed out (being vigilant, as instructed by the local police) to my favourite club night, Random, a communal DJ night where by participants choose the music played via their own ipod. It's an excellent way of picking up tracks you've missed. Prime example: Mel, Random's all American host, dropped Bring It On by Belgium's Goose, a hot, dirty, Indie-Punk track that had simply fallen off my radar.

I urge all people from the Liverpool area, interested in great music, to show their support for this unique night. To honour it, please find below Bring It On complete with MSTRKRFT and Acid Jacks remix.

MP3: Goose - Bring It On MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Goose - Bring It On (Acid Jacks Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Goose - Bring It On (MSTRKRFT JFK Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD


bridging the atlantic said...

'Bring It On' is a wicked track, and the MSTRKRFT remix is slick as well. Nice one!

Pamela said...

Can you re-up this, por favor?
or make my day even better by emailing the last 2 to my email? :D

pamela dot ocampo at gmail dot com

Rrrandy said...

the remix by the knife machine is fucking sweet too.